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        Shenzhen NTEK New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "NTEK New Energy") was established on August 6, 2018. It is a subsidiary of Beitest Group (abbreviated as "NTEK") in the high-tech industry and new energy field. It was originally founded in 2018, NTEK New Energy Division was an independent operator.
        NTEK is a pioneer in China's third-party testing and certification services, with the industry's top electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency (RF), electrical safety, energy efficiency and energy saving, physical and chemical analysis (electronic and electrical prohibited substances ...
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NTEK New Energy Laboratory provides testing and certification services for primary batteries, lithium batteries, polymer batteries, energy storage batteries and other products according to the relevant standards of major countries and regions such as China, the European Union and North America.

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Lab Centre

The new energy laboratory is equipped with leading testing equipment and instruments. Provide testing and certification services for various types of new energy products according to the leading standards of major countries and regions such as the European Union and North America A reliable partner in the energy industry.



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